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Twas the night before Christmas, Santa gather's his trusty pregnant reindeer, feeds them moss, herbs, and shoots, and ties them to his sleigh for a 12-hour work shift.  Yes, any reindeer with antlers is female and the pregnant ones will dig their antlers around the snow for their food.  But more than just a hard-working mama, our Vixen is a strong, less combative female, "foxy" in appearance with her long legs, curvy thick coat and robust antlers. We honor this mama, even though the younger ones with shiny red noses typically get the songs sung about them.  

A concoction of a majestic blend of earthy blue spruce and Christmas fir as you tiptoe through a flower garden of white roses and lemon flower. 

Available in 5 oz black tin, 11 oz black vessel w/lid and 16 oz black vessel w/lid.