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Blackbeard's Delight


Since his head was separated from his body 300 years ago, Edward Teach (or Thache), also known as Blackbeard the pirate, has served as the archetype of the bloodthirsty rogues who once roamed Caribbean and Atlantic coastal waters. In his day, merchants whispered his name in fright. This large man with “fierce and wild” eyes who kept a brace of three pistols on a holster across his chest and a tall fur cap on his head would light matches that made his luxurious beard smoke “like a frightful meteor.”

One of the owner's favorite aromas, this unordinary blend of citrusy Sweet Oranges and fruits from the tropics blend kindly with just a kick of Sriracha Chilis that results in exotic juicy sweetness.

Fragrance Notes:

Top - Chili Pepper, Ozone

Heart - Mandarin, Guava, Mango

Base - Peppercorn, Coconut Milk

Choose your 5 oz glass with cork top, 11 oz black vessel w/lid, or 16 oz black vessel w/lid.