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Log Jam


Inspired by the log jam on June 13, 1886, in the St. Croix River, close to Taylors Falls, Minnesota and St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. The river was used to transport large quantities of logs from the forests upstream to the sawmills, and log jams disrupted this business. The 1886 jam was described at the time by a local journalist as "the jammedest jam" he had encountered, and was very difficult to clear, with hundreds of men working for six weeks to clear it, eventually using steamboats and dynamite. The jam was also a major tourist attraction, with thousands of spectators every day. 

A concoction of black cedar and cypress woods, earthy palo santo, chinotto orange with warm spicy clove and cleansing sage commands your attention.

5 oz tin, 11 oz black vessel w/lid, 16 oz black vessel w/lid