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La Befana

La Befana: 

Befana is one of the most beloved holidays of Italy, the 6th of January, that celebrates the Epiphany. Oh, but somehow a man in a big red suit gets all the credit. La Befana, translated to ugly good witch, although we think witches are just always dubbed ugly and think she is beautiful, just a little elderly and just a little dirty from all the soot of the chimney. She flies fiercely through the dark night on the eve of, her broom guiding her to each home to deliver toys and treats to all the children. She is so sweet that she is known to even sweep up your floors if there's a glass of wine left out for her, which only seems fair.


A concoction of a Holiday celebration of vanilla cashmere, pine and fir, rounded out with eucalyptus, camphor and sprinkled with spiced clove and sweet amber.

Available in 5 oz black tin, 11 oz black vessel w/lid and 16 oz black vessel w/lid.