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Original Sin


In the rich deep forest of the luscious Garden of Eden - Adam and Eve are commanded not to eat the sweet delicious forbidden fruit of the tree. Temptation is born and thus willpower is defeated, they eat from the tree of knowledge and are exiled for all eternity. Giving rise to Original Sin; as humans we have inherited a tainted nature and a proclivity to sin.

Experience a wave of green, luscious fig with light aromas of flora and the temptation of sweet, delicious green apple layered atop a gorgeous base of cedarwood and amber musk. Find that “picked right from the tree” feeling.

Fragrance Notes:

Top - Fig Leaf, Pear, Black Currant

Heart - Sweet Apple, Coconut, Floral

Base - Cedarwood, Bourbon, Vanilla

Choose your 5 oz glass with cork top or 11 oz black vessel w/lid.

  • All-Natural Soy Wax
  • Infused with Fragrance Oils
  • 100% Cotton Wick
  • 5 Hour or 11 Hour Burn Time (depending on size)